Trent Barboza is a child of the Internet, a creative that is not defined by traditional labels but rather, his passion to create. Having grown up in the Internet age, Trent has experienced the rise of social media as well as Internet based video firsthand. This perspective has given Trent the ability to bring a genuine approach to content creation at all levels. After receiving a formal education in Filmmaking, Trent has expanded his creative focus to encompass photography, as well as social media management. This passion to create genuinely unique content, has lead Trent to some of the largest names in digital media. Many of these projects have gone on to be viewed millions of times and have even received mainstream news coverage.

Whether you’re looking for a seasoned professional to capture stunning imagery for your next project, a producer to take a project from idea to finished product, or an editor with an eye for detail, Trent’s the man for the job. 




                                                      SOME BRANDS I'VE WORKED WITH